In There News: The Moreland Team of Peoples Home Equity to Launch It’s New Website

Bellevue, WA - The Moreland Team of Peoples Home Equity, a dedicated mortgage lending company, is now launching its new website. This platform is created to be a better means of providing their services and programs to their mortgage clients. As a leading mortgage lender in the Puget Sound area, they offer various loan programs that are tailored to each individual borrower’s needs. Anyone can request a consultation to be able to find the perfect mortgage plan. This can be done by filling out the form or calling them. This website offers the Peoples Home Equity homeowners and homebuyers with comprehensive information to able to apply for a Mortgage Loan in Bellevue WA and find the dream home they all have been searching for.

Peoples Home Equity had been in the mortgage lending industry since 2001. They are a Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) approved lender. This helps to ensure their clients that they are working with a credible and government loan approved lender. Their website also includes information about their highly experienced mortgage advisers that are behind this company. When they promise borrowers with results, expect them to realize that promise by providing a high level of communication service to make the borrowing experience a pleasant one.

Through their new website, People Home Equity will provide with more information on the following:

Home Buying

This tab is made for all the home buyers. This contains articles about their unique loan process, purchasing a particular kind of property such as a primary residence, investment property, and vacation homes.


Peoples Home Equity offers its clients with easy options for refinancing their property. They offer refinance solutions to meet different homeowners needs such as lowering their mortgage payment, taking cash out for a remodeling project, and more.

Employee Advantage Mortgage Plan (EAMP)

If a client is employed by an approved corporate partner, they may have access to more benefit to save them time and money.  

Loan Programs

Aside from the guides that they have, clients can research the website to learn about the loan options that cover fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, government-sponsored loan programs, and more. With the help of a Peoples Home Equity Mortgage Advisor and with such a wide portfolio, borrowers are sure to find a loan program suited for their specific needs.

As a mortgage lending company, Peoples Home Equity provides a reliable platform that will promote better means of providing information and engagement among its prospective clients. Users are able to browse through an informational blog about home buying, refinancing and even applying for a mortgage loan.

Peoples Home Equity’s Moreland Team are known to provide personalized solutions according to their client’s needs. They are a reputable Mortgage Lender in Bellevue WA and are trusted by many homeowners and would be homeowners.

Their Employee Advantage Mortgage Program (EAMP) offers an exclusive closing costs credit and quarterly webinars about mortgage plans for all the hardworking approved company employees.

For more information about Peoples Home Equity visit their website at or email them at

Kristine Moreland